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2016-10-24 Bitcoin Wallet is the bridge between anonymous bitcoin buyers and the physical shopping world. We hold on funds once converted, so that bitcoin owners can call upon our services. When we agree on the terms set forth, we can begin. For instance, if you want to buy a diamond ring, few jewellers if any accept bitcoins. So, a Bitcoin owner sends a bitcoin amount to Afterson bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin owners can purchase almost any item or service virtually. We buy according to terms. We ship to agreed location.

We believe that bitcoin will only grow in value if we are able to purchase in the physical world. The more business estiblishments who accept bitcoin from restaurants to car dealerships, the more confidence we will acquire in bitcoin. We also accept litecoin LTC or Feathercoin FTC.

We can issue reloadable prepaid visa credit card with $2400 CAD limit. Onc can purchase online, phone or fax.

Our limit is $9500 CAD per purchase per day.

The first step is to contact us and describe your purchase, what do you intend to buy, pay.

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